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Used Item
Antique Pair Morpho Reverse Painting Dutch Couple Butterfly Wing Framed Art
Macy's Online
Lenox Butterfly Meadow Soup & Sandwich Tray
Boston International HCC18327 Square Tray Butterfly Lavender
Used Item
Reverse Painted Butterfly Wing Wood Inlay Tray Rio De Janeiro Sailboat Santos
Macy's Online
Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Trinket Tray
Macy's Online
Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Large Footed Centerpiece Tray
Used Item
Vintage Real Butterfly Under Glass Iridescent Blue Brazilian Marquetry Wood Tray
Used Item
Antique Santos Blue Mopho Butterfly Picture Wood Serving Tray To My Dear Mother
Used Item
Vintage Rio De Janeiro Butterfly Wing Wooden Serving Tray 14 Iridescent Inlay
Used Item
Vintage Butterfly Glass Tray Handles
Used Item
Antique Basket Serving Dresser Tray with Dried Flowers and Butterfly